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What we do

Our clients enjoy successful relationships with the media. We teach them how to:

  • identify stories
  • approach journalists
  • handle media interviews with confidence
  • build relationships with journalists and keep them coming back for more.

We are working media professionals and draw on years of experience as media industry insiders to help our clients get results. Whether they are absolute media relations beginners, or experienced strategists planning their next major campaign, our training and support is individually tailored to their specific needs and budgets.

We’re jargon free. We’re friendly – we remember our own first steps in the media world. We want to help.

How we get results

We work on both sides of the media fence:

  • as journalists experienced in both TV and print media, looking for stories and filling interview slots to daily news deadlines
  • as PR, marketing and media professionals pitching story ideas across all sections of the media – newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online and specialist or ‘trade’ publications and journals.

We’ll help you identify your organisation’s key messages and the best media outlets to approach – as well as showing you how to do it. We’ll also help you find the stories within your organisation that your media will want to hear about.

Accurate and responsible journalism is at the heart of our media training – we’ll train your spokespeople to respond to journalists’ enquiries successfully.

We pride ourselves on finding ways to work with individuals and organisations of all backgrounds and budgets, and with all levels of prior media experience. We enable them to tell their stories and get their messages across successfully in the media, and to develop productive, ongoing media relationships.

We know that many people feel anxious about dealing with or speaking to the media. We have the experience, skills and expertise to help you succeed.


We’ve been delighted to see the ongoing media interest in World Cancer Research Fund’s (WCRF) launch of their latest, worldwide cancer prevention report Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: a Global Perspective.

We’ve been providing WCRF with bespoke media training for new and existing spokespeople. Here’s what one of their senior staff said: I"The training day provided by Deborah and Catherine was excellent, above and beyond what I'd expected. Taking part in three different role plays tailored to the work of @WCRF_UK was really useful." Gerard Cousins, Director of Fundraising, World Cancer Research Fund UK.

We’ve also been helping WCRF to grow its media relations and contacts, so the extensive coverage – for  example, every major UK paper covered the report’s launch – has been a great result for all involved.
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Who we are

Deborah Hyde

I became a journalist because I wanted to enable people from all walks of life to tell their stories. I started as a print journalist, moving on to researching and producing news, current affairs, social action and documentary programming at the highest levels of the UK TV industry (including the BBC, ITV and Channel Four). I also have over 15 years’ experience helping diverse organisations to grow their profiles; to engage and communicate effectively with key audiences, and to secure media coverage. In 2002, I co-founded the Oasis Media consultancy network.

I’ve worked with clients including the Mothers’ Union, World Cancer Research Fund, Friends of the Elderly, the University College of Osteopathy (formerly British School of Osteopathy), and School-Home Support.

I love travel, sunshine, ancient Greek and Roman history and messing about on my allotment.

Catherine Cooper

I started my career at a London press agency supplying stories to national newspapers, as well as working news shifts on national tabloids. I then worked in daytime TV (where I met Deborah) and in TV news, before setting up as a freelance journalist. I now write for national newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, as well as countless websites. I’ve also worked as a media officer for charities including Bliss, Fight for Sight and Kids’ City. My specialisms are travel, health and parenting but I can write or place a story about just about anything. You can see examples at

I’m a keen skier and I love travelling.

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Support and services

We can help you to:

  • identify good stories and case studies within your organisation
  • find journalists who would be interested in covering what you do
  • teach you how to approach journalists for the best chance of success
  • shape your stories and place them in the media
  • field incoming media requests with confidence
  • identify your best speakers and nurture their talent as media spokespeople
  • prepare for media interviews with broadcast, print and online journalists
  • make the most of positive media coverage
  • build fruitful, ongoing media relations
  • manage crisis scenarios.

We can also offer flexible, ‘on call’ and retainer support, tailored to your needs.

Are you looking for media support that’s not covered here? Feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to explore options, on a no-obligation basis.

What people say about us

Although nervous at first about it, being fllmed and then having the opportunity to look back at your interview delivery, and to reflect on it was really useful. Deborah and Catherine were great facilitators and supported the group to collaboratively evaluate our work. I think it was particularly useful that Deborah understood the Bliss context in terms of making the training really relevant and tailored to our needs as individuals and an organisation. The training exceeded my expectations. It made me feel very inspired and motivated to embrace a media opportunity in the future, if one arises.

Nicola Frith, Senior Project Officer, Bliss

The media training which Deborah led for senior Reading Agency staff was bespoke, and closely tailored to interview scenarios we might find ourselves having to field. It gave us access to working broadcast journalists and their needs and opinions, but was also friendly and supportive, with helpful resources to take away at the end of the day.

Anne Sarrag, Head of Children’s Reading at The Reading Agency

The training day provided by Deborah and Catherine was excellent, above and beyond what I'd expected. Taking part in three different role plays tailored to the work of @WCRF_UK was really useful."

Gerard Cousins, Director of Fundraising, World Cancer Research Fund UK

Deborah and Catherine have provided great support to Bliss through bespoke training days this year, tailoring course content to the different members of staff attending, from information officers through to senior management. They made a concerted effort to understand the Bliss context and the types of media opportunity that may arise for each attendee, and each time I’ve felt confident that what they had planned was pitched appropriately for them. I’ve had very positive feedback from colleagues who feel more confident and at ease as a result of attending the training and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Deborah and Catherine again.

Sadie Constable, Communications Manager, Bliss

“I had a limited budget, but wanted to make specialist contacts working in the field of mental health, to connect with in the run-up to the launch and publication of Big Brother -- my intimate, prize-winning photographic portrayal of my brother's daily struggle with schizophrenia. Deborah led a team whose research provided me with really targeted, relevant contacts, together with really helpful advice on how best to approach them.”

Louis Quail, documentary photographer. (Big Brother has been shortlisted for the 2018 Rencontres d’Arles book awards) 


We look forward to exploring how we might help you towards successful media relations. For a no-obligation discussion contact us: